Dear Professional Regulation Commission:

- Honorable TEOFILO S. PILANDO, JR. (Chairman)

- Honorable YOLANDA D. REYES (Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner I)

- Honorable JOSE Y. CUETO, JR. (Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner II)

- Honorable ARISTOGERSON T. GESMUNDO (Assistant Commissioner, Office of the Assistant Commissioner)

I am Divino Kristoff "Vin" Cunningham,  a patient suffering from long-term depression and suicidal tendencies, social anxiety, and panic attacks. I also suffer from diabetes. I have lived a hard life and suffered a great deal of sufferings.

This is the reason I am writing this letter to all of you:

As a depression patient, in behalf of all patients suffering from depression, we deserve understanding and respect for our cases and situation.

We do not deserve being ridiculed and looked down upon.

No one has the right to trivialize or belittle the cases of patients who are suffering from depression.

This, I believe, is the reason why our respectable and beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed into Law the Republic Act 11036 which is about Mental Health, particularly the welfare of the likes of us who suffer from long-term depression.

To get into detail, I am writing to you to request the revocation of the Registered Nurse License of a certain Vincent Galario See, a registered nurse who passed on July 2010 Nurse Licensure Examination.

The rationale for my request is this social media post of Vincent Galario See, who goes by the name "Cent See" on Facebook, wherein he publicly harrassed, ridiculed, trivialized, miscontrued and disrespected my situation as a depression patient.

The link to his post is:
The link to an archived copy of his post is:
The content of his post are as follows: QUOTE, Posting something like this para ano? Makuha ang simpatya ng mga tao? Ng 50+ followers mo? Ay letse ilang taon ka ng EMO may pumansin ba? Ang dami mong site may pumansin ba? Ate kung pera ang hanap mo magpagod ka oi.. wag mo gamitin ang mga tao para pumasok sa site mo at kumita ka... Sorry guys pero ndi q talaga mapalampas ang panggagago nitong KSP na to. Ayan ah disowned ka na ni sass meron ka pa bang ibang tactics para manggulo? UNQUOTE. I have also attached the screenshot of his post and the screenshot of my post which he referred to while attacking me. In his post, he claimed that I am merely looking for sympathy, or that I am KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin), or that I am only trying to gain clickbaits for my "links" as the reason for my post. He also accused me of causing trouble. All of his claims are false and I don't even understand why he's saying those, or where he's coming from. The point is, as a nurse, it should have been expected of him to be understanding of my situation. Licensed nurses and practicing nurses like him should know that depression is a serious case and not merely an act of being KSP. It is also against ethical code and code of conduct of nurses to utter such barbaric, bigoted comments either personally or on social media, whether they are in hospital, in front of patients, or even if not. Even if you are a not a nurse per se, it is just wrong to dismiss someone else's depression and suicidal tendencies. For the record, back when I wrote my suicidal post, I was in the nadir point or lowest point of my life and I left the note only for my friends and my family. Mr. Vincent Galario See is not my friend in real life and he is not my friend on social media. After researching, I found out he is a “mutual” friend or is a friend of my online friends, which is why he can see my personal posts. My suicidal post is not about him or anyone, and is not against him or anyone either. So I do not understand why he posted such reaction post regarding my situation like he is most affected? I also do not get why he acts like that even if he is a nurse! The only clear here is that he doesn't take his code of conduct as a nurse seriously. He is flashing that he is a registered nurse but talks like a bigoted barbarian. What is painful is that I got cyberbullied by a nurse. It only made my depression even worse. Is this how LICENSED NURSES are trained and passed the tests? If you do not revoke the license of this particular nurse, I am taking it as an answer that you are consenting his behavior. Once again, in behalf of all depression patients, please discipline this certain licensed nurse named Vincent Galario "Cent" See. We still hope that his character is not the standard among registered nurses. We still want to hope that Filipino nurses embody the compassion and empathy that is the ideal characteristic of all nurses. Sincerely, Divino Kristoff Cunningham


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